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The HEART in Sacred Heart

03/3/2017 Posted by Ateneo SPEED | Stories

“…differently-abled or not, you can leave a mark somewhere, and on someone in this world.” I remember the first time I came to RecWeek and Read more»

A Year in SPEED

12/31/2016 Posted by Ateneo SPEED | Projects, Stories

“I am never alone in my struggles, both academically and socially.” It has been a year since I joined my first accredited org in college, Read more»

Life With My Brother

12/2/2016 Posted by Ateneo SPEED | Stories

My brother was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay at a very young age. That’s when my parents realized that there was something different about my Read more»

SPEED Disability Awareness Week

10/21/2016 Posted by Ateneo SPEED | Awareness, Highlights, Projects, Stories

“Greatness is not what you become. It is what you overcome.” The annual SPEED Disability Awareness Week (or SPEED Week) aims to promote awareness and Read more»

They Are Persons First: SPEED Week Advocacy Talks 2

10/18/2016 Posted by Ateneo SPEED | Awareness, Projects, Stories

They are different, not less. They are special not in their conditions, but in their own persons. They are persons first. These ideas are quite Read more»