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Our Stories

Some testimonials about us and what they say about Ateneo SPEED

”In SPEED, I found my comrades in this battle that I am fighting for. We are all soldiers fighting for the rights of those in the PWSN sector to have a place in society. Together we stand for them!” -Rowie Ross Chua

”Ateneo SPEED is more than an organization for 'special kids.' It's an organization geared towards the empowerment of PWSNs and compels you to fight for the advocacy. For me, Ateneo SPEED has not only empowered me by giving me the voice and courage, but also defined me and my beliefs by giving me someone to fight for and believe in (PWSNs!)” -JC Año

“In SPEED, I have found a family that stands up for what is right, that fights for those who have not been allowed a voice in society. In SPEED, I have found a family that accepts people for who they are, and empowers them to become who they can be.” -Nicole Sy

”In SPEED, I learned that one is actually capable of loving, to continue on loving, and actively choose to love to highest extent as possible. I realized that very act of giving every bit of love you've got, crazy as it sounds, fills you with more love to give. Para bang only when you give your everything, you are then able to give more.” -Bea Ledesma